Why Choose Us for Endurance Coaching?

With extensive experience in coaching athletes for endurance events such as Triathlon, Off-Road Cycling, Marathon and Ultra Running, our team is dedicated to striking a balance between optimizing your performance and accommodating your busy life.

But what truly sets us apart is the strong relationship and ownership we have in your success. We join you in the pursuit of your dreams, providing unwavering encouragement and personalized guidance every step of the way.

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Service offerings

We appreciate your time and are eager to share more about the options available to support endurance athletes like you. Below, you’ll find information about the services we offer. If you’re uncertain about which path to take, we warmly encourage you to connect with us.

Our goal is to help you navigate towards the options that best suit your goals and aspirations.

Personal Coaching

Looking to take your endurance training to new heights? Choose us for personalized guidance and support.  Our full service coaching is designed to cater to busy and/or competitive athletes like you.  This offering is most aligned with long course athletes for triathlon, marathon, ultramarathon as well as off-road cycling.

Our approach is rooted in science-based methodologies, making your training effective and efficient. But beyond all, we form strong, supportive relationships with our athletes. We join you in the pursuit of your dreams, offering unwavering encouragement and personalized guidance at every step. Your success is our success.

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Race Ready Coaching

Introducing Race Ready Coaching, a  semi-custom program designed for athletes seeking simple training for their upcoming races. Whether you’re new to coaching or looking to take your performance to the next level, our experienced team is here to support you.

After a personal consultation, we provide monthly training blocks customized to your most important races. This program is ideal for short course athletes up to 70.3 distance, trail or road half marathoners, or cyclists competing in races up to 30 miles.  There is no micro-analysis and no plan adjustments with this offering.

Let’s talk more about how Race Ready can help you!

Athletic Consult

Tired of conflicting advice on social media? Engage in personal dialog with our experts for tailored guidance.

Whether you’re new to endurance sports or experienced, our consulting services assist with race or annual planning, gear selection, race preparation, and more.

Our experienced coaches provide valuable insights to enhance your performance and achieve goals. Schedule a consult to talk with one of our coaches.

Free Training Plans

If you’re a runner stepping up from 5K/10 distance to Half Marathon, we have a free program for you. Likewise, if you’re a first-time or new athlete interested in conquering a Sprint Triathlon, we have you covered as well.

At Power2Tri Endurance Coaching, we offer these free training plans as a way to give back to the athletic community and to encourage participation in sport.  Sign up for our free training plans today!

Athlete Running Out of the Water