First Half Marathon oR new Triathlete?

Free Plans!

Attention First Time Half Marathon and First Year Sprint Triathletes! We are offering you a FREE Training Plan!



At Power2Tri Endurance Coaching, we’re deeply ingrained in the athletic community and believe in giving back. Our mission extends beyond New Hampshire to support athletes nationwide and globally.


We’re thrilled to offer FREE Training Plans tailored for two specific groups:

  1. Individuals transitioning from 5K/10K to Half Marathon.
  2. Sprint Triathletes with some sprint experience but looking for a more focused plan.


Read below to gather a bit more information on the plans and what your activity level should be to begin.  If a plan seems to suit your needs, fill out the form and within 1-2 business days, we’ll send you an email with the link to accept the plan in TrainingPeaks.

Unleashing the Potential: One Athlete's Journey with our Free Training Plan

New Sprint Triathletes

New to Triathlon or you’re in your first year and looking to improve? Our experienced coaches have created a FREE Sprint Triathlon Training Plan specifically for athletes like you.

So if you’re ready to take the next step in your triathlon journey, sign up for our free 14-week sprint training plan.


For the Sprint Plan you should meet the following base guidelines:

  1. You can swim at least 300 yards non-stop
  2. You have a bike and can ride for at least 30 minutes
  3. SmartTrainer ideal but can converted to RPE, if no power meter
  4. You should be able to run for at least 20 minutes

Runners, we have you covered too!!!

Are you an athlete who has already conquered a 5K or 10K race and now ready to take on the challenge of your first half marathon? Look no further, we have a FREE 14-week plan for you.

Ready to progress in your running journey? Enroll in our complimentary 14-week half marathon training program today!


For the Half Marathon Plan you should meet the following:

  1. You’ve successfully completed a 5K or 10K in the last 3 months
  2. You are currently running 2-3x a week
  3. Weekly volume is at least 6-7 miles per week
  4. Injury free

If you would prefer individualized coaching then go to Let’s Talk to tell us more about yourself!

FREE Half Marathon OR Sprint Triathlon Training Plan

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This is only requested for demographics purposes only. We are simply interested in where athletes are located.
These plans are provided as a complimentary service to the athletic community. We want to encourage development for the running and triathlon community and this is our way to give back! Once we've received your request we will generally publish the plan in 1-2 business days. All the plans are published thru TrainingPeaks.
Waiver and Acknowledgement
By requesting and using the training plan provided by Power2Tri Endurance Coaching, you acknowledge that you are healthy and capable of engaging in athletic activities. You agree that Power2Tri and its coaches are not responsible for any injuries, illnesses, or death resulting from the use of these training plans. It is highly recommended that you consult with a physician before starting any new training regimen.
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