For the 2024 Season and Beyond we are changing our name from Power2Tri Multisport to Power2Tri Endurance Coaching!  Learn more about why are making change.

Now that our name change is official, we wanted to take a moment to share the key reasons behind our name change.  First, when we were founded in 2009 our primary focus was in coaching triathlon and marathon.  As such, our original name had a bit of a Triathlon Club Vibe to it. In hindsight this was a bit limiting relative to where we are today.  This shift to Power2Tri Endurance Coaching mirrors the evolution our athletes have gone through and the services we provide.

While we still actively coach triathletes of all distances, our athletes and clients have expanded horizons beyond tradition triathlon to XTERRA off-road triathlon, Trail and Road Racing from 5K to Ultramarathons and many forms of off-road cycling including Cyclocross, Gravel and Mountain Bike Racing.  In light of these diverse pursuits, we felt the need for a name change that resonates with the broad spectrum of endurance sports our athletes are in engaged in.  Hence, the rebirth of Power2Tri Endurance Coaching!  The “Power2Tri” legacy remains intact, serving as a nod to our roots!

To reflect the name change – we have updated our team logo and graphics and an exciting new kit design for 2024!  We’ve partnered with Varlo on the amazing design you see below!

While we are excited about the above changes we are also making some additional changes to our services and formalizing them over the next 30 days or so.  I’ll just mention a few of the updates now and you can read a little bit more on our home page.

Service Offerings:

  1. Free Training Plans: For us at Power2Tri it has never been about “the business” it’s been about community and giving back.  We will offer a couple of free plans for athletes looking to step into triathlon or jump up from a 5K/10K to a half marathon.
  2. Consulting Services: Some athletes aren’t ready for coaching, but they also talk to friends and socials for advice.  We want to have a service where we can provide expert guidance, rather than, in some cases, misguided advice.
  3. Race Ready Coaching: This is an entry level coaching service for short course athletes, such as Olympic Triathlons, Running up to 13.1, and various off-road cycling sports
  4. Personal 1:1 Coaching: This is our time tested offering where we provide comprehensive guidance, planning and analysis to optimize your athletic adventures and is targeted mostly for busy long course athletes across all the sports we coach.  This offering is also appropriate for busy professionals who may have special considerations that are beyond the scope of Race Ready Coaching.

If you want to learn more go to the Let’s Talk link at the top of the page!

Coach Gabe completing XTERRA Nationals - 2023

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